Unable to make LingQs

Has anyone else had trouble making LingQs? I have been unable to do so for more than one day. I get the ‘Internal error’ message each time I try. Everything else I have tried on LinQ works perfectly.

Sorry Rae but I’ve not had the same problem. Hope it gets sorted though.

@ Imyertseshem
Thanks for replying. I think that most of the problems I have come from this end. I do not live in Australia at present but in Ethiopia. I guess the problem will vanish in time. One never knows!

Hi rae68,

If your internet connection drops in the middle of studying a lesson, you may notice that you receive an error when trying to create LingQs. Is it possible that the issue might be with your internet connection?

When this happens again, try opening up the Error Console/Developer Console and taking screenshot of the error so we can take a closer look. Thanks!

You’re way off the beaten path there rae! I’ve met a few Ethiopians and they were great people.

Still no LingQs.

Even though I can use the internet for opening lessons and I can import using the Bookmarklet, I can make no LingQs at all and cannot add to my words read or hours listened totals. Somehow, I think you must be right Alex, the internet connection is the trouble. It is intermittent.

Thanks Imyirtseshem. This is a great place to live for many reasons. The Ethiopians are great people and we are away from the big supermarkets and stores that want people to buy, buy, buy! We learn to value personal relationships more. We also now see having access to electric power, running water and other amenities most of the time, as a blessing, not as a right.

By the way, Alex, I do not know what the Error Console/Developer Console is, so I cannot take a screen shot.

I just made a LingQ!!

I’ll rush away from here and make some more before the system breaks down again.

Next time I had better just be patient and not bother you, Alex.

Thanks for your concern, Alex and Imyertseshem.

Glad to hear you were able to finally make a LingQ :slight_smile:

Which browser are you using? The error console for each browser is a bit different, so if you tell me which browser you’re using I should be able to steer you in the right path.