Unable to Login to Forum on Android

Hello, I am unable to login into my forum account from the LingQ app on my phone (Android). I am still able to login to the Lesson section of the app and do lessons. However, when I try to go to the forum, I am not logged into my account. I can see posts from other people. However, it shows me as being logged out of the forum. If I try to log in, it will not even take me to the login page. This has been an issue for several days now.

Edit: Not sure if this is the correct sub-forum or not. If not, please feel free to move this post to the correct location. I also wanted to add that this issue did not start with the move to the new forum location. Immediately after the move, I was still able to log into the forum.

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We are familiar with the problem and our developers are looking into it.


Thanks for posting this @RockinRoo! (I thought I was going to have to because I actually noticed this a few days ago, but I saw you did.) Thanks!

Hi @zoran,

I noticed in the Play Store that the app had an update on August 14. So, I want to check in on this and make sure that the devs still know this is an issue.

Here are some screenshots (from today), if it helps:

1. Forum Option on Phone via LingQ app:

2. Forum Opening on Phone through LingQ app:

3. After Clicking Log In on Forum through LingQ app:

Note: “Login Error” appears no matter how many times you go back and click the “Log In” button in the second photo.


Had the same problem but despite the error you’re actually logged in you just have to click on the LingQ logo.

Obviously the UI/UX sucks. Don’t even try to swipe back as it will send you back to the app and log you off.

I’m logged into the app but not the Forum itself; I can’t like posts, bookmark posts, or reply/create posts, which is the problem.

Yeah, swiping back on the Forum through Android is horrid. (I experienced this back when I could like and bookmark posts on the forum through the app on Android back in June/July-ish.) I wish it were better, for sure.

We are looking into it and we will make additional improvements.

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@RockinRoo and @zoran,

I just checked, and it looks like we can now log into the LingQ forum via the Android mobile app now!

Just logged in!

Thanks, @zoran and the LingQ Forum team! :smiley:

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