Unable to join challenges

Hi guys,
Is anyone else unable to join challenges? Every time I click on a challenge to join, it doesn’t load the share popup and when I refresh it gives me the option to sign up again. It’s been happening on web and mobile :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. Do you still have the same problem now?

Yeah, nothing’s changed yet :frowning:

Thanks, we are looking into it.

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So I’ve been checking every few days and something must have gone right in the recent updates! I’m finally able to join challenges :slight_smile:
Thank so much!


@zoran while I was able to join in March of this year, I haven’t been able to join any challenges since besides the monthly lingqing challenges. But today I’ve found that I’m not even able to join that.

I was going to just let it be, but I do find that my motivation is higher when I have specific targets through the challenges. Unless maybe a feature could be added to change the targets for the daily goals?

What exactly happens when you try to join the challenge? Are you not seeing a button to join it?

I can press the button, but there is no pop up and once I leave the page or refresh I see the button to join again. It also does not show up on my joined challenges section.

I wasn’t sure how to add a video here, so I uploaded a screen recording of what happens on the iOS app to Youtube. It’s similar to what happens on both Firefox and Chrome.

Thanks, we will investigate the issue.