Unable to install new chrome extension (admin please respond!)

Hi I’m trying to install the new chrome extension on my mac and am having some issues.
The instructions for adding the extension are as follows:
"Download the extension here

  1. Go to Tools < Extensions (Windows < Extensions on Mac) in your Chrome menu.
  2. Find the downloaded Chrome Importer zip file in your usual Chrome downloads folder.
  3. Drag and drop the Chrome Importer .zip file onto the Extensions page
  4. You’ll be prompted to confirm installation of the extension, just as if you had installed it from the Chrome Web Store."
    When I drag and drop the zip file onto the extensions page it just tries to download the file to my computer again and doesn’t add the extension. Any idea what could be going wrong here?

With windows, I needed to put the extensions into developer mode before it would allow me to install the extension, not sure how to do this on mac though

I actually have the same problem. Let me check this with our team and I’ll get back to you as soon as I hear back from them.

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Thank you!

Just tried this on mac and it worked the same way. Thank you!

Great! Glad to hear it.