Unable to give points to corrector

It looks like he did not click on “fulfill the request” first before he did the correction. You can probably give him points as gift, but the request will stay suspended in the system.

Nice to see that, regardless of always new improvements, some correctors still don’t get the “Fulfil Request” message. Maybe it should just be renamed…

Nah, Rick is a total newcomer. I explained it to him since. He’s gonna be a great asset to LingQ, though! He gave both xuedaolao and myself our own personal You-tube corrections. Way cool!
@xuedaolao - will the system let you cancel the request, then gift the 250 points to him?

The point is that all students and correctors should be able to easily understand how the Exchange page is supposed to work. On the contrary many of them still don’t understand it.

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@xuedaolao - Looks like this was all sorted out! If you run into any other issues with the Exchange let us know!

Just another example: Login - LingQ. I was the first to provide a proper correction. Only one of the previous correctors did click on “Fulfil request” but he didn’t use the correction tools. Moreover, all the previous corrections include some major mistakes. I’m honestly getting tired of this, and may soon adopt Vera’s strategy of ignoring open requests.
(By the way, in case I chose to no longer be alerted about Exchange requests, would I still be alerted about personal requests addressed to me?)

@mikebond - Thanks for your continued feedback on the Exchange. To answer your question, you will still receive notifications about private requests - the setting on the Settings page only affects public notifications.