Unable to find netflix imports

I just imported 2 different German tv shows from Netflix (How to Sell Drugs Online and Dark). Each to their own course. I got the popups on Lingq that said they were successfully imported, but I can’t find them anywhere. I’ve looked under my courses and my lessons and can’t find any of them.

I imported a few books yesterday with no problem. They’re all still in visible my courses.

If you click on the View All under the Continue Studying shelf to see expanded view and change the sort by to Newly Imported, do you see your latest imports?

I only see the imports that I manually imported on the lingq site. I don’t see the Netflix shows that I imported using the browser extension.

I tried uploading another Netflix series today (Kleo - 8 episodes). The same thing happened. The extension said “successful import”. I got a popup for each episode on lingq saying they imported successfully, but I can’t find the course or any of the lessons. They imported but are not showing up in Continue Studying.

I used Safari to do the import.

I tried chrome also but the chrome extension hasn’t been working for me for months now with Netflix. I get an error that says “Error: No appropriate captions found.” For some reason every time I switch my subtitles to German or any other language while using Netflix on chrome and reload the page they switch back to english. They also switch back to English each time I get to a new episode and I have to manually change them back to German. For some reason Netflix won’t save my subtitle settings while using chrome. That is probably the reason the importer extension can’t detect the German subtitles.

This doesn’t happen when I’m using Safari. Safari imports have been working for the past few months for me up until yesterday.

I tried the firefox extension and that is broken also. I get the same error as in chrome, “Error: No appropriate captions found.”

I just tried a youtube video to see if that worked and it did. It showed up in Continue Studying. So it seems to just be Netflix that is broken.

Safari: Seems like it imports, but doesn’t show up in Continue Studying
Chrome: Doesn’t work at all “Error: No appropriate captions found.”
Firefox: Doesn’t work at all “Error: No appropriate captions found.”
Youtube: Works fine

Thanks. We will investigate the issue.

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