Unable to delete LingQs

I am unable to delete LingQs. The option “Delete” does not exist, I only see “status+1”, “status-1” and “set status to 4”.

You have to click on the lingQ. It’s on the bottom left hand corner.

@hpp23 - Batch delete is a function that is only available to Basic, Plus and Premium members. Otherwise, you can only delete LingQs one at a time like Nick910 suggests.

But the Help section says:

“How do I adjust the status of multiple terms in my list? – Use the tick boxes at left to select all the terms you want to adjust. Then select your desired action from the “More actions…” dropdown. You can either increase or decrease the Status by 1, move the terms directly to Known or delete the terms.”

You should mention that “delete the terms” is not available for free users.

Ahh…sorry about that. I have updated that help question now.