Unable to delete incorrect hints

About a year ago, it was possible for premium users to use the “Edit” button in the list of “Popular translations” to remove erroneous hints, and they would disappear from the list of translations. Since that time, however, the button is still visible, but it appears to have no effect (at least for me). After deleting a hint from the list, it always reappears when I refresh the page.

For example, the most popular translation by far on LingQ for the Russian word купили is “bought, smoked” with 167 votes. While the verb купили does mean “bought,” it does not mean “smoked.” This error appears to be the result of a confusion with курили, which means “smoked.”

When I try to delete this hint so that it does not mislead other users, it shows up on the list again after refreshing the page.

Is there any way to turn this feature back on? It worked fine about a year ago.

Here are screenshots taken in chronological order:

After clicking the “X” the counter for the first hint changes to “0.”

After exiting the “Edit” window but before refreshing the page, it still shows as “0.”

After refreshing the page, everything resets to the previous count (167). Thus, the edit appears to have no effect, at least on my end. (In the past, the hint would have disappeared.)

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Hi Ricardo, you should be able to edit hints normally. Can you please share a link to that lesson with me? I want to check what I see when I select words you mentioned.

Hi Zoran,

The lesson was imported from my LingQ news feed, and I believe those lessons are not publicly visible: Login - LingQ

The LingQ news feed got the content from here: Все говорят про акции Tesla: они пережили рекордный рост, а теперь быстро дешевеют. Что происходит? Может, стоит купить немного акций? — Meduza