Unable to Delete an Empty Course

After some moving and deleting Lessons and Courses that I created, I have a course which cannot be deleted.

The course is empty. There are no lessons in it, and no word count. It retains the original title, shows 0 Lessons, and there is no Delete option.

If I try Edit Course, I get an error that says "This course does not exist or you do not have permission to perform this action.

Is there any way to eliminate this remnant Course?

Can you post a link to that course or send it to support(at)lingq.com? Thanks!

Link sent to support at lingq

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I have the same problem. Please check it.
The empty course link:

Thanks, that course shows as not found/deleted. Please try clearing the cache.

I cleared the app and reinstall it but the empty course didn’t delet. The course is shown on the app and browser both!

Thanks. I’ll ask our team to look into it.

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