Unable to add audio to lesson

I am now getting an “Invalid audio file” error when attempting to add a valid mp3 file to a lesson. This just started recently as I have previously been able to create lessons with audio.

I am using the web version with Firefox (I have not tested other browsers)

Firefox dev console is showing the following warning… possibly related:

Maybe something is wrong with that specific file?
Try converting it to mp3 using this online converter (even if it says it’s an mp3 format already):
Then give it another try.

I did some additional testing and can verify that the audio upload works in Edge but not Firefox. I tested with the identical mp3 file so I am 100% certain that this is a lingq bug and not a issue with the audio file.

I also noticed that the audio upload does work in Firefox but only on smaller mp3 files. Through trial and error I narrowed the max file size to be around 24 MB.

So, to summarize the bug: Audio upload does not work in Firefox for mp3 files larger than 24 MB.

I just tried on Firefox and audio file was uploaded successfully. Do you have problem with one specific file only or have you tried more files?

Same bug on my end, worked with edge but not with Firefox

@Canodae Can you please send your file to support(at)lingq.com? I’d like to try to reproduce this on my end. Thanks.