Unable to access audio recordings in the exchange

When people record audio for me, I get a link that says “Download File” , however clicking it just refreshes the page and no file is downloaded. There used to be an audio player as well before the update, but that seems to have disappeared. As such I have no way of accessing the recording that’s been made for me.

This should be fixed as soon as possible. It affects the audio file to be included in a conversational report as well.

Yes, it’s a very bad mistake because we can’t attach the audiofiles for our students.
I’ve made an audiofile for Neofight, I checked it twice, I could hear it, but when I press ‘save’ - it disappeared.
I asked Neofight to give me his e-mail address to senf him my audiofile, but it isn’t a good decision for a long time.

I have the same problem as evgueny40 has written. Hope it will be fixed soon.

We’re really sorry for the trouble with this one! It also seems to be one of those strange issues that popped up with our switch to a more secure server setup. I’ve noted this to our development team, and we’ll aim to have this one fixed as soon as possible!

Please fix it. I need my text recorded as an mp3.

Just a quick heads up that this one should now be fixed! Please let us know if you encounter any other issues on the Exchange.