Ulysses's way of saying things

Hey hi ppl! I’m really interested in knowing how you feel about Ulysses’s speech (he’s a video game character). Does it sound strange to you? Would you consider it unusual if somebody was talking to you in this manner? Is it primitive in a way? Too pompous maybe? Thank you.


“You came all this way for answers. Only currency I have.”

“No need to destroy the bear. Just cut its throat.”

“America sleeps ahead of you, its nightmares filled with quakes, storms. You’ll need to find your own path.”

“To the Divide they came… in the Divide, they rest.”

“Who are you, that do not know your history?”

“If war doesn’t change, men must change, and so must their symbols. Even if it is nothing at all, know what you follow, Courier…”

“There is a shadow of a nation behind you, the hope of a people… yet it may not matter. The Divide still stands against us. […] Our enemies gather outside… shadows of the Bear and Bull… they will have found their way in, just as you did. It was always my intention - in case I could not kill you, the Marked Men would flood this place, cut off your escape. If we cannot prevent what comes, then let us make our stand here. Two Couriers, together, at the Divide.”

My family? My tribe lives… its history? Died long ago, fell under the shadow of the Bull… consumed by another symbol. No, this isn’t about family - or any common blood. It’s blood shared by acts, not by chance."

“There’s a lesson here, in the Divide. Old World history about paving and intentions could teach the Republic a thing or two - if they listened. They have an idea of trying to do what’s right, never quite getting there. […] They’re stretched thin, can’t protect their frontlines, their towns. Think paper’s power, radio means control. All of it? Useless.”

“All these roads, you walked. These packages you carried. Think it wasn’t your choice? Of course it was your choice. You could have stayed in the Mojave. But you chose to come, couldn’t let be - not in you to let go. Came for no other reason than you were curious, restless - always have been. Had to know the why of it - now, I’ll show you.”

"You don’t see, listen - even when it’s all around you, no matter if I nailed it into your head like a gift from Caesar."Icon sound trigger

Most of examples you give are stilted, definitely not representative of a modern conversational nor even prose register. It sounds like the author is trying to invoke an old, formal, overly serious tone that you do find in certain genres. Others might be able to give a better analysis than I, though. And, yes, it does sound a bit pompous and bombastic. it might fit the context of the game, though I wouldn’t know about that. Kudos to you for having a complete enough command of English to be able to notice this.

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I really appreciate that Khardy! So yeah, that means that it’s better not to try copycating some of his speech patterns. If we dive deeper into the lore we eventually find out that the guy’s not a native English speaker he was a member of a tribe. That could serve as an explanation of the bizzarness of his English. And let’s be honest, Ulysses is a smooth talker even though the way he speaks is alienating at first. Anyway, thanks for the response!

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