I saw that Ukrainian got 2,000+ votes on the facebook poll, which is very exciting news for anyone with an interest in Slavic languages and culture, and was wondering if any sort of implementation would start so it could be added to the system. There seems to be a lot of support for it, judging based on the fact that all the comments underneath the poll are in Ukrainian…

Please let me know if this is the wrong forum.

дуже дякую!

The poll is no longer used to decide which languages are added.

The poll is no longer used to decide which languages are added.

This is new to me. Who said that?

@will_tobin1 - We are working on a new system to handle the addition of new languages, but haven’t yet announced anything official. The poll is no longer active, but Facebook no longer allows us to edit the poll. We’ll be sure to announce the new system when the pieces are in place!

Does Facebook not allow one to delete a poll?

@ColinJohnstone - I haven’t yet seen any way to delete the poll (the Poll function was discontinued some time ago) but when our official announcement is made we’ll take a closer look and see if we can get Facebook to remove the poll.

Thanks a lot for the info @alex@ColinJohnstone. Sorry for not being aware of this. Looking forward to the announcement for the new system.

Are the current Facebook pool results going to be considered in some way?

I guess not, since the new criteria are based on content amount only: New Languages on LingQ.