Ukrainian Dictionary

I found this dictionary, is there any way to to implement this into the Ukrainian slot?


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@Le_Jr - we will see if we can add it. I’ll let you know!

Thanks Galina!

@Le_Jr - just want to let you know that we have added Ukrainian to the Lingvo dictionary. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Galina, thanks for new dictionary!

Can I ask you to add (Lingvo - Yandex popup) too?
It`s very comfortable.

I mean Ukrainian too.

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@sdom - Ukrainian has been added to the Yandex pop up too! :slight_smile: Happy learning!

Galina, thank you; it does works.

Wow! Glad to hear we are having an Ukrainian slot now. How did I manage to miss the announcement?

@Eugrus- it has not been here for too long; and I do not think there was a formal announcement