Ukrainian at LingQ

Dear LingQ Community,

I would like to share with you some recordings in Ukrainian - about not so famous but notable Ukrainians.
You can find them here: Login - LingQ

If you are interested in learning Ukrainian, please check them out. I would really appreciate your feedback.
And I will be happy to create more recordings on topics that might interest you more.

I look forward to your comments and thoughts on this.



Thanks Sofiya. These are a great introduction to Ukrainian culture and short enough that low intermediate learners can cope with them.

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I added a beginner’s reader as well. People who want more content can visit Hope you enjoy.
(edit) Here’s the link: Login - LingQ

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Thank you moviefan, we need more beginner and intermediate material for Ukrainian, or material at any level. Thanks! Can you post the link to your Ukrainian beginners lesson here.