Ugly font in forum postings

Initial posts in the forums use a different font than replies do, and on my system (Win7 Professional) it’s ugly and a bit hard to read. Here is a portion of a screencap that shows part of a recent post exactly as I see it, along with the “inspect element” function of the browser showing the offending style. If I manually remove the “bariol_regularregular” option from the font selection it looks fine in the same manner as the replies.

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Yes, I agree. In the initial post the font is now much smaller and it’s more difficult for my old eyes to read.
Why not restore the bigger font?

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The screencap above is from Firefox on Windows 7. I disabled any plugins that might block things, with no change. I tried also on Chrome and Explorer. It looks not quite as ugly on Chrome, though still a bit off. It renders well on Explorer but, as Evgueny confirms, it is a bit too small, as is the case with those other browsers.

I’m having difficulty reading, too.

Use cmd and + to make the page bigger ?

The point is, the font and font size were perfectly fine before; we didn’t have to make an adjustment every time.

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I agree! We’ll get this fixed so the font goes back the way it was.


Mark, I’m waiting for your Italian stats to reach 33333 :)~

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Shame it’s already passed 31337.