Typo in Esperanto LingQs

I’ve been posted in the LingQs of the day the word ‘kontraŭla’
‘against the’. This is two words. Can the LingQ be removed and the text where it occurs correct to ‘kontraŭ la’ with a space added?


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Please note that words you are receiving in your Daily LingQs emails/notifications are actually your saved words (LingQs) on the Vocabulary page. You can find the word “kontraŭla” in the list and remove it from the Vocabulary if you think it isn’t correct.
I will check and try to figure out in what lesson you encountered that word and save it, to make changes. Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks Zoran!

The context is “…sterilan kverelon kaj solidariĝi kontraŭla invadantoj-- Karaj alfabetanoj, vi…”

Seems like it may already be corrected! - LA MILITO DE LA ĈAPELOJ

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Great, thanks!