Typing in Spanish

Would anyone be willing to share the easiest way to type Spanish accents and letters using a U.S. Keyboard?


The best I know is buying a keyboard Spanish_English.

Hasta luego

Louis desde Francia

I am not sure (as I don’t know the Spanish alphabet), but, perhaps thia thread would be useful for you - Typing French Accents - Language Forum @ LingQ

I use a Mac and it is very convenient. I can convert my keyboard into any language I want. I type Chinese, Japanese and Russian phonetically. Otherwise I can choose a Spanish keyboard, or Portuguese or German or whatever. In French I usually type in English and then go back and back fill the accents and cedillas, otherwise I keep mistyping since the French keyboard is a bit of an exception. In German I always get my z and y wrong but that is minor.


Yo no sé si eres Francés o Español. Bienvenido a LingQ. Estoy utilizando el “clavier” Español ahora, con todas las paraticularidades. Es facil aunque yo siempre cometo errores. ¿Como te parece ?

Thanks for the help…

I tried the U.S. international keyboard, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to work for me.

One workaround I have found…is using the Spanish Dictionary included with Firefox. As Steve does with French, I can type the words without the accents, and then go back and spell check, filling in the correct accents.

If I find any other workarounds, I will let people know.

Don’t US keyboards have any accents, not even ´and `? Swedish keyboards have them, although they are rarely seen in Swedish words. We even have a ~. :slight_smile:

Maybe you will find information helpful:

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Thanks Jeff. That link helped me out tremendously. I set me keyboard for U.S. international, however, neglected to set that as the default input method.

As the website indicates…while active, the international keyboard can create some inconvenience. For example, quotation marks require that you type " followed by the space key. contractions (it’s, they’re) require an extra key stroke.

Still…it is very easy to activate and deactivate, and knowing how to access this feature on my PC is exactly what I was looking for.

the most recomendable way is to use the ASCII code where you can find letters which are not in your normal keyboard, for example:
ALT 160=á
ALT 130=é
ALT 161=í
ALT 162=ó
ALT 163=ú

I use the XP spanish keyboard (international alphabet) and it works just fine. You can add it through regional and language options in control panel. You select the languages tab, then details button and there you are you can add a new keyboard. Here you can find a pdf showing the process: Endnote

The following link will show you where to find all the accent with the aforementioned spanish keyboard: Keyboard layout - Wikipedia. For me, XP spanish keyboard = Wikipedia Spanish (Spain) keaboard. You must type first the accent shown in red at wikipedia, release that key, and then type the desired letter.


I realize this thread is a bit dated…but I have an excellent resource for typing accents, umlauts, and other diacritics.

Check out www.typeit.org.

It’s awesome.

Hóla Shon_t, ¿cómo está? Pienso que Ud. puede usar el keyboard en español si tiene “Windows”. Va al “Control Panel” entonces va al opción “Regional and Language Options”. Entonces va al “Keyboards and Languages” y “Change Keyboards”. Hay muchos idiomas para seleccionar, incluyendo “Spanish”. Si tiene problemas, diganos por favor. :slight_smile:

Una millón de gracias por este información. Tu eres muy amable. Otras personas en este post…dijeron que hay que comprar una programa para cambiar un teclado.