Two things that would make my LingQ experience better

  1. Be able to select both a root verb, and its separable prefix when creating German language LingQs. Perhaps click, then -click to indicate the two words are one, or add a way to modify the selected word in the right-hand pane to add the prefix.
  2. Allow longer text imports so I could keep ebook chapters in a single lesson file. This would make it much easier to coordinate audio with text.

I miss being able to import lessons up to 10,000 words. I get why it autosplits now, but organization was so much cleaner back in the day.

  1. would also make so much sense for Dutch. Actually, after some time, I got tired of manually adding the parts. Also, compound tenses would profit from that. It happened often enough in Romance languages that one or several words are in between the parts.

If you allow me to add up one more feature, I really would like to have images, photos, pictures or something like that when we ling the words. Lets say i ling the word ‘‘dog’’. For me, it’d be great if i could add an image or photo about dog, as long as i’m a visual person, this kind of feature it’d be great for me.


That is a really great ideia!