Two questions

Hey everyone, I just want to say that I’ve recently started using Lingq (actually a few months ago) and I really love the system. It’s so effective for learning new vocabulary painlessly! I also love the known word statistics. I just have two usage questions.

  1. Are there any plans to add new languages to Lingq? I am particularly interested in seeing a Dutch section, as I have noticed you have a few members from the Netherlands and I am currently actively studying it. Though I don’t know anything about website design, and perhaps (most likely) adding a new language isn’t as straight forward as I am imagining… But it would be great to have a system like Lingq where I could import newspaper articles and stuff.

  2. Is there any way to sort new content by number of new/known words? I.e. rather than have the list by date added, you can automatically see those articles which are easiest/hardest for you based on your current known words list?

Thanks for your help and keep up the good work!


  1. We will add new languages including Dutch, fairly soon. It is not difficult or time consuming. It is just one more thing that our programmers have to do. I know our Dutch members will be helping us with content and tutoring, so just hang on.

  2. We used to sort by new words, and will do so again. We had to suspend this function because the way the site was configured it used too many resources and slowed everything down. We know how to fix it but it is just a matter of priorities for our programmers. We plan a number of improvements in how we arrange the Library and how you find content that is appropriate to your level.

Again, just hand on.

Thank you Steve, I understand your programmers are busy. I will be patient. :slight_smile: