Two questions on specific Korean content on LingQ

  1. I was really happy to discover this particular Korean course here on LingQ: Login - LingQ

It’s a transcript of the film “200 Pounds Beauty” and I was able to find the movie on Amazon Prime and watch along with working through the lesson (the you tube link on the lesson is no longer valid, but whatever)

My question is would anyone know where I could find similar transcripts? This one was extremely well sourced and accurate to the film text, it was shared by LingQ support, but the person who originally posted it no longer seems to be active on the site. Would anyone have any info where the original transcript came from?

  1. Another course I’ve been wanting to tackle is 김현희의 고백 from Radio Free Chosun: Login - LingQ

This is one has the audio for the first 4 lessons, but the audio links are broken starting with 5th lesson. I went to the Radio’s website and found the content but their audio links seems to be off line as well. Did anyone happen to download the audio for this course while it was still intact? Would there be some lingering mp3’s on the LingQ server somewhere that could be relinked with these lessons?

Let me know. Thank you!

I have actually just been able to get full Korean transcripts for many popular Korean dramas on Viki having paid the 5 dollar monthly membership for ad free streaming and access to the subtitles.

I don’t think you will able to post them publicly, but for personal study it works fine. am currently working my way through a popular drama from 2013. However, I haven’t figured out how to dl the drama audio for lingq use.

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This site has a couple of dramas with audio files and transcripts in Korean K-drama Scripts/Transcripts & Audio Files | My Korean Corner

Thanks of the tip. I’ll have to check out Viki and see how it works.

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Re #2: I uploaded the course to LingQ. I just checked the 5th lesson and the 6th. The audio is fine.

Ha, weird, now it seems to be working – this may have been operator error on my part :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I’m glad it’s working for you :))

I take it back. I uploaded the dramas into ling, but now they completely bug out when I try to go through them on lingq. The system seems to have a breakdown or something.