Two profiles: Forum profile and normal LingQ-Profile

I just don’t get it :slight_smile: It seems that you have two profiles in LingQ. One normal profile and one for forums. For if I want to track my forum activity, to see all posts I made to the forum or to post a new one, I got to login again on the forum page. For example I can’t see the list of forum posts I made on my usual profile page, I got to login to my “forum profile”. What is the sense of this? It makes everything cumbersome.

It didn’t use to be the case, but LingQ introduced this new version of the forum earlier this year. I believe this issue has been discussed as one of the downsides of the new forum (although believe me, there are many more upsides!).

One workaround is navigating manually:

  • LingQ profile:
    (What language you’re working on seems to be a necessary part of the URL - this one takes you to French.)
  • Forum profile:

It would be helpful if we could get at least some sort of hyperlink from one profile to the other - @LingQlearner, is that possible? I didn’t know Ewgenij here speaks German and Russian and learns French until I navigated to his learner profile, for instance - but that’s often very valuable information in these conversations!

P.S.: After writing my comment, I see that your complaint was about having to login twice. I apologize for taking this somewhat off-topic! I don’t need to login to my forum profile… Are there maybe some cookies that are being deleted on your end? :thinking:

So, after I had to login twice the first time I don’t need it anymore :slight_smile: It works out of the box. Nevertheless the second issue you mentioned about seemingly two profiles still remains and makes the usage somewhat cumbersome. I hope the LingQ-Team will merge the two profiles some day. Or at least introduce a link between them as you proposed.

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We will hopefully find a way to improve this. Appreciate your feedback.


Hope so, that would be useful.

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