Two problems on Safari for Mac

  1. Site setting keep going back to default each time I open the site. I am not clearing my browser history (usual cause). Not losing site setting on any other sites.

  2. There are two text to speech voices in Russian which play if I select two words in quick succession, they sound like different voices. It happens when female and male voices are selected. When I click on the first word one voice is heard, when I click on the second word another voice repeats the first word and the usual voice plays the second word. It only started happening yesterday after I accidentally added Spanish to the dictionaries in settings, I have since deleted the Spanish dictionary. It does not happen in Chrome for Mac. I have tried clearing my browser history and rebooting my Mac.


I’ve been experiencing the same problem in Chinese lessons only since this morning ( that’s why I think it’s not a problem of Safari for Mac) . The only difference is that sometimes there’s only one voice…
Terribly irritating when the second voice starts speaking before the first one has finished or when I’ve already moved to the next card.

Dude I am literally having those exact same problems. Im glad you wrote a post about it.

Hi @ianholmes, thanks for letting us know, I’ll check that with our team.
@krzysztofsweeney @MarkE Which browsers are you guys using?

Im using Safari.

Safari. But just 2-3 days ago I didn’t have that problem.

One more thing. I don’t know if it’ll help you solve the problem, but it might. This sound ‘shadow’ appears after some words/sentences/phrases, which seems to be strange, but I haven’t noticed any particular pattern.

I have found this problem as well but I think it’s related to the fact that Google Translate has recently changed the voice in Russian and has added a more natural intonation. Thus, it may be related to the fact that the old and new Google Translate versions are playing simultaneously.

But in my case it doesn’t concern Russian, but Chinese. And why does this problem occur only in case of some words/expressions/sentences? And one more thing - they don’t play simultaneously (sometimes the second voice appears at the end of the first recording and sometimes shortly after it).

It seems to be when you click the words in quick succession. If you pause between clicking words it doesn’t happen.

Didn’t notice Google changed the voice.

I think they fixed the problem, because now when I click the words as before there is no second voice.

Today it’s back. Ghost Busters! Really irritating. If I click a longer sentence I can click another 2-3 words before it finishes saying the first one.

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Both of these issues are still happening, any update on this?

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This is reported to our team and hopefully I will have some update soon.
Which Safari version you have installed on your device?

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Im not sure which version I’m using, how do I check?

Mine is 12.1.2

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Version 12.1.2

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Open Safari, go to the Safari menu and select About Safari

I usually use chrome for LingQ, it’s a lot less buggy than Safari.