Two New Hebrew Courses Posted! To Follow Mini Stories

Hebrew Learners,

I’ve just posted two new Hebrew courses. They are “Works in Progress” and are designed to be used after the Mini Stories. Each lesson is 3-7 minutes with a following lesson with Steve Kaufman’s “Circling Questions.” (I followed his advice, here.) All are written and recorded (or recorded and transcribed) by native Hebrew speakers.

The first is called The Israelis:

The second is called Big History in Little Pieces:

This second course, so far, is mostly about European, East European or Jewish History. We hope to add to them weekly.

Special thanks to Alisa, Annael and Rotem for help on both courses. Other stories and creators welcomed–or if you know someone…

Of course there will be some variability across the stories and the creators. Please let me know what you think: Level? Difficulty? Audio quality? Speed? Content? This is the first time I’ve ever done/created something like this…:slight_smile:

After I get comments back, we are going to try to work on the last 30 Mini Stories…We all want those to be perfect!