Twenty two lessons from The Chairman's Bao now shared by Ginkgo58 with permission of TCB CEO Matt Carter

Thanks to Matt Carter, the founder and CEO of The Chairman’s Bao, I have now shared 22 of his stories in the LingQ library.

Here is the link to the course: Login - LingQ
And here is the link to the first lesson: Login - LingQ

Interestingly, all these lessons appeared in TCB in the month of February. There were quite a few other articles at higher levels as well as these. I intend to include more of these articles at different levels soon. As Vera says about her many, many contributions to the German library, even copying and pasting, as I have done here, takes valuable time away from one’s own learning. However, I am hoping that what I have done here will help others in their learning of this fascinating language.

These stories are varied, but many tell of acts of kindness towards people less fortunate than the doer of the deeds. Others are just funny! One of the categories Matt has for his articles is “Only in China”. I think you’ll be able to say that about many of these lessons.

I have put these lessons at Intermediate 1 level. I was tossing up between Beginner 2 and Intermediate 1. Please let me know what you think about the level.

Please feel free to throw a few roses at these lessons. I think they are worth it!


Unfortunately LingQ no longer has Matt Carter’s permission for us to openly post lessons using his news stories. He has asked me to remove my public lessons. They are now all private. TCB continues to be an amazing resource for Mandarin Chinese learners. If you want to take advantage of these lessons you will now have to either use them on the TCB site or import them as private lessons into LingQ.

Will the link still take me to the lesson though?