TV series transcript + mp3 : how long?

Hello, I’m thinking about using TV series for my study,
and I wonder how long(how many minutes / how large) would be acceptable for each mp3 file? Is there any limitation? A whole show(30 - 50 min) will be ok?
I searched at help section but couldn’t find the answer, so I posted here.

Hi, maggie46.

I have imported many episodes of my favorite TV series as my private lessons. Some of my lessons are 43 minutes long. The file size(MP3) of these lessons is about 38MB each.

There was a limitation of file size some years ago. I had to split it up into smaller size. But now I can import large files. I don’t know there is a limitation of file size or not.

Just try to import your favorite whole episode. It will take some minutes to complete. Good luck and enjoy learning at LingQ.

Good idea! But how do you do that, are you using subtitle-files and transform them into plain text documents or du you hack it down yourself?

Good question. I forget the exact limits, but I think the restrictions are somewhere around 100MB and 10,000 seconds. In any case, they should be high enough to allow you to import audio from TV episodes :slight_smile:

I bought and downloaded most of my favorite TV shows at iTunes Store USA. When I watch it, I record the audio with free software Audacity.
I can find full transcript of my favorite American TV show here at

Yes I also used audacity for recording the sound, but its harder with the transcripts.