TV Series and How to Import Into LingQ

Hey Everyone,

I recently made a video showing how to import dramas into LingQ. Specifically, dramas from the website Viki. Check it out.

To find more content to import, check out this thread.


Hi Eric
Any idea if there is a similar website somewhere that does the same for European languages?

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There are quite a few, depending on your language.

I can’t remember all of them but I listed a bunch in this sheet. LingQ Language Resources - Google Sheets

Thanks but I meant any sites for importing European language dramas like Viki? this list seems to be for free ebooks.

YouTube might be your best option (if you can find drama clips).

For Dutch -

German - BRMediaTHEK / WDR /

Thanks for the information. I didn’t know you could import sound from Viki. I tried this with a Chinese drama and it worked perfectly although the sound took a really long time to import. I really wish Lingq would make these kinds of videos available on the website in one central location.

That’s the goal for our next update - to make a centralized faq with updated videos…something that isn’t our strong point right now. Stay tuned and thanks for the feedback.