I only see one tutor on the entire site when I change my filters to see everything. Is this right? Are tutors not a thing any longer on this site?

I was just looking, and I saw many options for French. hard to say if they are all active users though

If you are looking for Norwegian tutors I would recommend italki. Many of the italki tutors for Norwegian specifically get booked a month or more in advance so be prepared for that… But I usually have no problem getting 1-2 hours of conversation every week.

Seven months later, I don’t see many tutoring options. I actually don’t see any options for French… Not even mine (I recently created a tutor profile to teach French and Spanish).

I just looked and still saw people. your profile was there too

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@Hugo101 Everything looks normal on my end and I see you listed as French tutor properly. If you still have issues, please email us - support(at)lingq.com and we will investigate it further,

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Thanks for letting me know Robert. I’ll have to contact tech support. I’m only seeing 23 profiles total when I look at tutors… one of them being Mark Kaufmann’s test account!

Thanks Zoran! When I look at tutors, I’m only seeing 23 profiles in total. I’ll try changing the display language of the interface.