Tutors from Spain - conversation times

I’m looking for Spanish tutor from Spain who could do conversations in the morning (their time)?
I would like to have Spanish conversations in my evenings (NZ time) and time difference is about 10h - my 7pm is 9am in Spain. Weekdays or weekends, both are fine :). I’m usually free any time between 6pm and 9pm…
If someone can do these times, please drop me a message :slight_smile:

Hello! I’m kind of new here and I’m from México, but I could help you improve your spanish if you want. Right now I’m on vacations so I have a lot of free time to talk. I’m not a tutor and I’m not from Spain so, if you were looking for something that specific, I won’t be of any use, so just ignore my post lol.

Hi Andres, the problem is that time difference with Mexico is even more hopeless. Times that suit me are in Mexico well past midnight :slight_smile:

Can I help you? I´m from Bogotá, Colombia.

Andres and rebervac. Please set up some discussions here at LingQ, for Aineko as well as for other learners. I will try to also drop by for a discussion. Gracias!

hi rubevarc, thanks for the offer, but Colombia is pretty much the same time zone as Mexico - my 7pm is 2am at your place :).
But as Steve said, you can set up some conversation times for other learners (I guess most of the lingq users would fit your time zone).
btw, Oscar and Albert have put up some time slots that are suitable for me, so it’s all sorted now.
thanks everyone :slight_smile: