Tutors and Texts

Vera suggested that I offer up what happened when I submitted writing recently.

a. I sent a text for correction to her through the “write” page. It was submitted and accepted. Then (I believe) that I was asked to select a tutor again. I left a message for Vera about this.

b. Shortly afterword, I sent a different text to Alleray which was also accepted. Allleray received both texts and corrected them. I didn’t have a problem with the corrections. He’s a good tutor and I was pleased with his explanations. However, Vera received a message that the first text was NOT for her. That seems to be an error.

c. I also was blocked from a draft that I was writing (a little blue bar appeared) and I cannot access the draft.

d. In the future, I will try to go to the tutor’s profile page and submit writing there. Perhaps this will be easier for everyone.

Thank you for pointing this out here. I got an email that there was a writing correction for me. I used the link that appears in the email. LingQ said “It is not yours”. It’s not a big problem but it should be tested if there is a bug.

RQ and Vera, the writing system seems to be fine. If you click on a writing sample that has already been submitted and choose a new tutor, that tutor will become the new corrector and will get an email letting them know. In that case, the original tutor who was selected and received an email will no longer have access to the correction. I would assume this is what happened in your case.

You can change tutors until your selected tutor opens your submission to correct it. The only writings that can’t be opened are those that have been submitted already. I don’t seem to have any problems opening drafts. Can you provide more detail?