Tutors and Events

Recently, many of you have been asking us questions about our tutors so I thought I would try and answer some of them here. First of all, over the last half year we have seen a few tutors drop off from our roster of English tutors. This has happened for a variety of reasons. Some tutors like John Bailey and Tammy have moved on to other opportunities. Others like Tom, John Attard and Joan should be back when they have more time.

There have also been questions about what to do if you can’t find any event times with your personal tutor, or at least times that are convenient for you. In that case, you should either post your request on the Events Forum (include a few times that would work and the tutor you would like to speak to), or you can change your personal tutor in the Settings page and find a tutor that has more convenient times.

Finally, we are working on finding tutors in other languages besides English. It is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario since it is difficult to attract tutors when so few people sign up for Events but it is difficult for members to sign up for Events if there are none posted! We will continue trying to get events posted but please do your part to inspire our tutors by signing up for these Events. That is the best way to ensure that they continue posting Events.

chicken and egg - very good liken

The “program” what Julie offers is really great and for me it is good to have a topic as guideline