Tutoring settings not clear enough?

Every now and then I see profiles of members who offer tutoring services… for a language they are beginners in! I have just received a writing in English from a new Brazilian member who is admittedly a beginner… but he offers text correction and conversations in English (and not in Portuguese)!
Is the wording of the settings not clear? Or maybe these members don’t read what’s written and think they have to mark the languages they want to learn?

I agree with you, Michele. I feel your speculation relating to this issue is spot on. I think it’s certainly a case of them assuming they are identifying the target language, that is, the language they want to learn :wink:

I assume this is due to them simply not reading carefully (or at all), as the text on the Settings page is clear about what these settings mean.

Nonetheless, it’s probably safe to assume that members like this won’t get any students anyways. :wink: