Tutoring needs

I have been looking through the forum for some information on tutoring. I am interested in tutoring in English for both conversation and writing correction. My purpose for this would be to earn points to use towards receiving Spanish tutoring. What’s the current state of English tutoring needs? I tried to sign up to tutor but my name is not showing up on the drop down list. Do I need to get a pre-approval? I went to the tutor blog site but the last post was 3 years old and information seems to be a bit scattered. I also read the document on tutoring. Maybe it would just be easier to an exchange …Spanish for English. If any native Spanish speakers are interested they can let me know here. I have been doing a ton of listening in Spanish, but I have not spoken to anyone, so I’m sure my speaking skills are severely lacking. I would definately need a partner that spoke English fairly well. Any information/tips/guidelines etc. would be appreciated.

@rjtrudel - Please go ahead and tutor. All tutors are welcome. You won’t see yourself in the list until you actually add some conversation time or schedule a conversation.

Hi Richard, check my blog: http://sprachenlernen.verasblogs.com/i-want-to-tutor-what-should-i-do-kind-of-a-short-advice-for-new-members/
I wrote something about tutoring. I hope it helps.