Tutoring English for Learners

Hello my name is Steven. I am a English tutor on lingq who is also fluent in spanish. My information is on my profile. I like music, musicals, philosophy, and language. if your time is outside of what i have on my profile tell me and i can see what i can do. I do only audio calls that are 30-45 minutes long. we can text in English if you would like (without charge). I hope that together we can improve your English and also become friends.
i look forward to speaking with you.

hı ! good morning
ıam ilkay

hi steven
i wanna practice my english
if you want we can speak ans also we can become a friend

i wanna practice my english , so for the momment i use download youtube video YouTube Downloader - Download Youtube videos for free! for to learn about English, so I need practice with another guy.

Hi Steven, I’m Joan. I’m from Spain and now I’m studying English, although my English is around A2/B1. Regards