Tutorial View Translations

We hope you have all had a chance to look at the recently added Tutorial View. We feel it is an excellent resource for those who are new to LingQ.

As many of you may know, LingQ has many different interface languages (15 to be exact!). Tutorial View is at this moment available in 8 different languages, but there are 7 more that still require translation.

If you are able to help translate, please click this link and get started now: http://bit.ly/mQp1Gn

Be sure to select the correct tab at the bottom!

The languages that still require translation are:
Chinese (Traditional)
Chinese (Simplified)

Thank you for your help!

We really need your help here, people, since this tutorial mode is important to helping newcomers understand LingQ. I guess Swedish is less of a priority but for the other languages here, getting the explanations in the language of the learner is important. Thanks in advance.

If a number of people pitch in , we can get the job done!

Thanks to those who have been helping out with this. Italian and Russian have now been completed, as have a portion of Korean and Swedish.

That means we still need help in translating Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Japanese and Swedish. If you are able to help, please let us know!

Hi, Alex
I have just made a Japanese translation of Tutorial View. This is the first time for me to use Google docs. I am not sure whether I succeeded or not. Please check it out. I hope my translation will be helpful for new LingQ members from Japan. I believe that more Japanese can learn languages at LingQ site.

Great, thanks hirohide! It looks good. We will update the translations soon.
We too hope that this will be helpful to members in Japan and across the world.

I have a question: is there a interface also in Romanian ? If not, could it be?

For now we don’t have Romanian interface available at LingQ. Sorry! Maybe one day.