[TUTORIAL] How to import Google Play Books on Lingq

Hi guys,

After cursing for several days because I couldn’t easily import Google Play Books on Lingq (due to an error message), I have actually managed to find a quick and easy way to do it. I thought I would type this tutorial if it can help anyone at all and save you time.

  1. Purchase the book you want on Google Play Books.
  2. Export the book as an epub file by right clicking on the book in your library. (Do not export as PDF as it is a nightmare.)
  3. Upload your book in Adobe Digital Editions.
  4. Remove the DRM protection using special software. (I personally use Epubor Ultimate as it is done in one click).
  5. Open your DRM free file in the following Firefox extension : EPUBReader – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-GB)
  6. Select the text and copy/paste it in Notepad to remove all formatting.
  7. Copy/Paste onto Lingq

I found the process very easy and this way, you can copy/paste chapters as separate lessons instead of having the importer splitting lessons randomly.

I hope this is useful to you.


There is a post created by the wonderful and kind PeterBormann here the link.

after drm is removed it should upload easily also one can convert it into any file type with calibre as well.

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