As Julie left us a few weeks ago, i would like to choose a new tutor - especially for my writing corrections - The person I’ve chosen doesn’t belong to the current list of tutors, so what could I do?

I’m not sure I understand correctly…but you need to go the Settings page and click edit beside your currently selected tutor. You will then see a list of tutors to pick from. Are you saying the person you would like to select is not in the list? If they are not in the list, they can not be selected as a personal tutor. There are tutors who are only discussion hosts. Please also make sure you are in the correct language when you go to change tutors.

In fact, the tutor I meant to choose was Jonathan Cisco, who is, if understand correctly a host discussion. Is he expected to become a tutor in a close future?

I have just made Jonathan a personal tutor! :slight_smile: You should be able to choose him from the list. He is looking forward to being your tutor.