Tutor to Help with Spanish Pronunciation

Hi everybody,

I am extremely frustrated with the single ‘r’ sound in Spanish. I can do every other sound in the Spanish language, including the trilled r, I just cannot get the single ‘r’ sound for some reason. I would really appreciate it if a native Spanish speaker could help me with pronunciation.

(I apologize if this is the wrong forum to post it on).


I have the same problem with the French “r-sound”. I have often wondered if getting some additional help would be beneficial.
Good luck.


You may not be as bad as you think. Why not post a recording on the exchange and get some comments? My advice for what it is worth - if you can do the trilled “r”, i.e. the double "r’ or “r” at the beginning of a word, just take your foot off the gas pedal a little for the single “r” .

Have you ever tried making a very quick English “d” sound? Open your mouth a bit more for the preceding vowel than you would in English (but you are doing this anyway to get good Spanish vowel sounds). (I am not a native speaker, BTW.)

Hola, yo soy español. Si quieres podemos hablar y te ayudo
Un saludo