Tutor settings

I’ve just elected to become a tutor for German and English and have changed my Settings accordingly. I can’t see the “join conversation in …” on my profile, nor can I see my name on Sunday’s schedule.

Is there anything I have overlooked?

Hi SanneT,

I can see you fine on the list. Perhaps it’s because you’re viewing from your own account? In any case, I can assure you that you appear on the list just the same as everyone else.

Sanne T,

You can’t see it from your own account. I have set up a “test” account so I can go in and look and see how the times I have selected for conversations show on the schedule of offered conversation times.

It would be nice if we could see our own schedules again. I rememer that this was possible long time ago. All new tutors are confused because they cannot see themselve. It would prevent us from a lot of questions :wink:

Thank you all! I didn’t think of looking via my test account… I got my first ‘talkee’, how exciting!