Tutor settings

A friend tried to submit writing to me and was unable to. I checked my settings and they are set to accept writings in English. I had the thought the perhaps I was taken off the tutor list when I was deployed. Please advise.

Hi danya,

You were off the list because your Activity Score was 0. This is a filter we implemented to ensure inactive tutors don’t appear on the list (and therefore prevent people from submitting writings to tutors that aren’t available to correct).
However, now that your activity score is above 0 your friend will be able to submit writings to you. I checked your profile and the “Send writing in English” link now appears.

It is important that we keep inactive members off our list. We have had situations where people submit writing to inactive members, and the submission then sits on the tutor’s list without being corrected. I believe this happened with corrections that were submitted to you as well danya.

Although my writers are my tutors and they knew I was without internet.

if you meant my writings sent to Daniel, I would like to clear this situation. I knew that Daniel was unavailable. But I did not want to send my writings to anybody else, that’s why I sent them to Daniel. And I sent e-mail to him where I wrote that I did not need these writings to be corrected immediately — I just had points that were going to expire the next day. Moreover, at that time I had been correcting Daniel’s two writings for 4 months, I think :smiley:

I do not remember all the details but we had complaints about uncorrected writing submissions and realized that these were “squirreled away” in the lists of some inactive member/tutors в том числе David. That is why instituted the Activity Index rule. Any tutor with Activity Index 0 is off the list. Tutors should be aware of this and just maintain at least a minimum amount of activity if they wish to receive writing submissions.

But David and Daniel are different people :slight_smile:

I meant Daniel. But David was also in the same position I believe.

I just think it is not a good decision just do not allow to send writing to an inactive tutor. Perhaps, it would be better to show a warning message: “This tutor is inactive. Are you sure to send the writing to him/her?”

I do not think we are about to change this right now, but appreciate your suggestion as usual.

In addition to being fired as a tutor, I had 8000 points that I couldn’t use that drained to nothing. I also disagree with the mechanism that points expire.

The point expiration mechanism is in my point of view not a good thing, as I am forced to do writings and conversations even I am not ready for them or don’t have the time (French) or I am still a beginner (Spanish) or no suitable tutors are available in my time frame (Chinese). Why not keep them a year?

Danya, you were not fired as a tutor. You left and were put on the inactive list. This is now done automatically to prevent the accumulation of uncorrected writing submissions.

The issue of the 3 months points expiration comes up from time to time. This is a feature that serves two purposes; 1) to encourage members to use their points and work at their language learning and 2) to give the system points with which to compensate those who provide us with content, content that we all use free of charge. We are not going to change this, as has been said before.