Tutor invoices

hi! I sent the invoices of the last few months to steve’s email - is that still the correct procedure? I remember lingq moving to a different system but couldn’t find any info

for all the details please check the information on the speak page “how to tutor” or something I believe it is called.

ahh okey found something:

the last 2 rules trouble me:

Могу я перевести мои очки в наличность?

Да, вы можете перевести ваши очки в наличность,но нужно иметь по крайней мере 10000 очков (100 долларов) чтобы провести транзакцию.

Исчезают ли очки полученные за преподавание?

Да, эти очки ничем не отличаются от остальных. Они должны быть израсходованы или обменены на наличность в течение 90 дней.

so… if I don’t earn 100$ fast enough it’ll disappear before I can cash it? hmmm. Can you clarify - does the “перевести ваши очки в наличность” include paypal?

Yes yuriy, that is correct. Most of our tutors are also learners and use their points. There are tutors who do not study at LIngQ, but they need to earn enough points through tutoring or content creation to earn the minimum. We hope that we will increase our membership so that more tutors will be able to earn more points.

I also have a question. I did not send invoice for the last month before introducing auto repayment (1-18 Feb.). May I send it now?

oh - can you explain/give a link on how auto payement works?

Every time when you send any report (conversation/writing) to a student, you are automatically rewarded with LingQ points.

ahh okey - and what about transfering the points to paypal - how is that accomplished?

Just send an email to support and tell us how many points you would like converted to cash. You will then receive the cash payment to your Paypal account.

@cakypa - That’s an awfully long time ago Rasana! Send your invoice along.