Tutor for French conversation

I need to find a patient fr. tutor (Parisian) to help me get my words out & help w/ sentence structure. Anyone have some suggestions…my interest is in conversation. Much appreciated. I’m halfway towards Immédiate 2 …

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I recommend iTalki. You can select where your tutor is from and try a few to see who you click with. You select a tutor yourself from a video and profile they prepare. You schedule lessons at whatever interval you please.


I’ve done many iTalki lessons like this and can recommend as well.


Thanks to you both for your recommendation. I feel as if my head is about to explode … I’ll become a fearful mute ! lol. An experience we all need do.


There’s Preplay and iTalki. I was not happy with italky as you need educated corrections in addition to guideance. I would say italki can be useful only when you are C1 plus level.

I am working with a retired university teacher of frenc language who is gentle and extremely knowledgeable.


Thanks for your support, as I wasn’t sure which platform was best for me. You have found someone you’ re comfortable with & That’s great !