Tutor Calendar

I can’t seem to edit my calendar at the moment. When I open any particular day, all of the time slots are blank even though I have times available. I tried it with both Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

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I have got the same problem here in France.

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PS: Are there any limitations on a free account when it comes to tutoring?

I’m having the same problem.
No, there aren’t any limitations on a free account.

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No limitations, but huge differences:

For instance, if you want to have a lesson you will pay 500 points for fifteen minutes with a premium account. With a free account, the same lesson will cost 1000 points.

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If your membership is “Free”, you have to pay 20 dollars for 1,000 points. That is, 10 dollars equals 500 points. On the other hand, when tutors cash the points, 500 points equals 3.75 dollars. Ten dollars changes into less than four dollars. How interesting!


Not to mention that a lot of students expect the tutor to stay much longer than initially booked.

So, if I got your point, I ( and tutors in general) might just as well stop tutoring.

Thanks for letting us know! We’re looking into it.

I can schedule a session on my calendar, but when I want to check it in the Exchange/Speak I am notified:
“Sorry, there are no conversations available for this time but please tell us what time, tutor, and language you would like and we’ll try to get some set up right away.”

Yes, that’s in all languages, besides English, today.
My students can’t sign up for my conversations in a usual way…

Same problem for me here…

For now, please ask your students to sign up on your profile page. They can see your schedule there. We are trying to figure out what is happening here.

There is a problem with signing up on profile page. The dates are mixed up by the system. I signed up for a conversation for this coming Wednesday and the system registers a conversation for a week later, i.e. Sept. 23. The tutuor only posted slots for one day this week and nothing else.

That seems very strange. I just tried signing up for a conversation with you and it worked fine. It must be something to do with that conversation time or tutor or some other step you took. Any more info you can provide would be great in tracking it down.

The conversation was signed up last week when the speak page did not work. Maybe it is a unique case.

It seems that the calendar works.