Turning off Google Translate

Is there a way I can deactivate the google translate window/option coming up automaticaly when I click the pencil next to a user hint in order to edit the hint?

That pencil thing has not been working properly for a while. It is really annoying.

@CTaylor - By default, clicking on the pencil next to a hint opens the LingQ widget and displays the dictionary. It can’t be disabled, but what you can do is change to another dictionary such as Babylon that doesn’t need to load a frame inside the dictionary window.

@TroisRoyaumes - I checked and the pencil seems to be working. Would you be able to describe the issues you’ve experienced in a bit more detail?

It may seem strange, but my favorite dictionary is dict.cc, even though it pops out in a new window. I find it loads really quickly and I can kill the window instantly. Plus, I don’t have to scroll around inside the dock or dashboard or whatever it’s called when the window doesn’t fit in properly. Babylon fits really well and is good, but I don’t like the fact that it returns complete nonsense when it can’t find a word. I end up trying to decrypt some section of a random Wikipedia article instead of just reading a message saying the word is not found.

@Alex: I have not tried it today. But I think I experienced the same thing that CTaylor was experiencing. The pencil ceased functioning altogether. What you said to him – “By default, clicking on the pencil next to a hint opens the LingQ widget and displays the dictionary.” – wasn’t happening. To work around it, one had to first take whatever nonsense provided by Google Translate to create a LingQ and then to click on the newly created yellow LingQ in order to edit it. One could click on the pencil many times but nothing moved.

@TroisRoyaumes - I see, thanks for the additional info. If you notice this still happening let us know and we’ll see if we can figure out what may be causing it.

@ColinJohnstone - Certainly, I think we all have a slightly different preference in dictionaries. It’s always interesting to hear how others use the site :slight_smile:

Well, strangely enough, it is working perfectly again. Problem solved!