Turn off streak repair warning

May I suggest or can you help me find the option to turn off “you lost your streak do you want to repair it.”

I study everyday but not in this app, and I don’t feel any special need to keep track of it here to maintain the streak, to use coins, or remember to push up the numbers in the app everyday. It also prompts you on every device, so I have to acknowledge it on my ipad, my phone and the PC. I get that some people want this. Its just not for me. So, an option to ignore whether I am keeping my streak would be nice.


Yes! I second this!

I would like to disable popups for repairing the streak, too.

I already disabled this in all my devices, but still get steak repair popups:

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Thanks for your feedback. We’ll see what we can do.


Yes please, it shouldn’t be that difficult to have another toggle for that :wink:
After all not all of us here are into streaks and that pop up is really …
I do want to repair it! By reading more! No amount of ‘coins’ can replace my reading or lack of it!
Thank you!


I’ve just started receiving this in the Android app. It’s quite annoying, especially as there doesn’t seem to be an option to turn off this notification.

Same here. Disabling the popups doesn’t seem to work.

Agree! Agree! Please let us turn it off!

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