Turn off Pronunciation Audio?

How may I turn off the autogenerated audio robot lady?

I get an audio pronunciation during the “matching Pairs” function whenever I click the foreign language word I’m studying.

It’s a great idea, except I’m getting incorrect vowel sounds, and I’m hearing the wrong vowel sounds so often it’s become detrimental.

I can turn off my computer system sound, but I need to toggle that back on when I quickly want to hear a pronunciation via a more reliable source.

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You can disable auto-TTS feature under Settings > Reader.

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Thank You Zoran,

I’ve ticked these two boxes and refreshed my browser but Blessica is still talking to me. Am I in the wrong place inside Settings>Reader?

Ahh, sorry. I didn’t realize you were referring to a review. Sorry but it can’t be disabled there at the moment.

Hi Zoran,

Okay, noted. Thanks.


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