Turn off Parsing for Japanese

I’m trying to load content for Japanese in with the correct spacing between words, but it re-parses it every time. Even when I try to go back in and add spaces again (as I was told I could do) it just re-does the parsing again or it seems to break and creates word parts that aren’t even click-able. Anyone know what I can do for this issue?

No offense Yutaka, but those links(without a g) don’t address the OP’s problem. To the OP - where are you getting Japanese text with spaces? Just curious. It’s such a rare situation, I doubt they’ve accounted for turning off parsing here but I could be wrong. It makes sense to me that the text you enter gets re-parsed, but they advertise that you can edit and change the parsing. I’m thinking there’s a trick to it, otherwise you could just paste your whole correctly spaced file into the edit window and save. Curious what Zoran will have to say.

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There are some sites with correctly spaced stories, but I know enough basic Japanese to add spaces anyhow. The problem I’m having is that whether I change the spacing manually or copy and paste the text file, it just never saves correctly. And the few times where it looks like it saves correctly in the edit window, the actual story appears broken when I go to learn it with a bunch of “words” being unclickable.