Turn off hiragana for only known words?


Is it possible to turn off hiragana only for the known words? I want to get practice reading just the kanji form of the words I know, but have the support of hiragana for words I’m still learning.


That is something we are planning to add. Thanks for the suggestion.


This will be a fantastic improvement in the new release. My wish is for the furigana to be present for all level 1-4, but turned off for Known Words. The reason I’m including Level 4 is because I have several Level 4 words saved where I may not know the reading right away, but when I click on it to see the furigana, I know the exact meaning within the context without glancing at the definition. So, it will be good to keep the furigana on for Level 4’s too until moved to Known. That being said, in LingQ’s current state, all or none, I choose to have furigana completely turned off because I don’t want to see them unless I have trouble with a certain word and need to click on it. Keeping furigana on for everything is like keeping a healed arm in a plaster cast. It will be nice to just see them for Level 1-4 but not for Known. I think this will be a great feature for people in attaining a rudimentary unassisted reading level even outside of LingQ.


Great to hear, thanks!

Glad you like it so far. We will likely remove furigana for level 4 (which we call learned and count as known) and known words (√) as you have indicated you know these words at this point. If you want the furigana, you will probably have to leave the words as status 3 I’m afraid. We will see how this all evolves as we start using it though and can adjust. The reality is that this is likely quite personal and there will be some who prefer one way while others prefer another. We will have to try to find a common ground. At any rate, this should all get refined over time.

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Hi Mark, would it be possible to make this a setting customizable per user? When I learn a Japanese word there are usually 3 stages.

  1. At first I don’t know either the Furigana or the Kanji so I need both.
  2. Then usually I’ll learn the Furigana first so I know what the word is. At that point I’d want the word to still be highlighted in yellow as an “in progress” word, but I’d want the Furigana removed so I can practice reading the Kanji by itself.
  3. Finally I actually can read the Kanji alone and can call the word known.

If Furigana is only removed at level 4, then I’ll kind of be missing that intermediate step of knowing the word, but not being able to quite read the Kanji yet. And if I have to mark a word known to remove the Furigana at that point, then it won’t be highlighted in yellow which I find to be really useful in terms of knowing what words are still in progress.

Granted, everyone’s learning process is going to be a bit different which is why I was wondering about a configurable user setting. I do realize that’s more complicated though in terms of updating the user database etc… rather than just hard-coding the value once in a conditional statement about whether to show the Furigana.


Hi Jeff, I wouldn’t expect this in the short term but who knows over time. We do want to try to enable as much customization as we can for the reader. But, we will have to see on that one. It’s hard to meet everyone’s specific requirements so we have to try and find some kind of more general solution at least initially.