Turn off daily goal notification pop ups?

hi, apologies if there is already a way to do this, but i think the site could be improved if you could turn off the daily pop ups about reaching your goals if you wanted to. it triggers my pre-existing annoyance of having to close pop ups or cookie requests for every website i visit, and i’d rather not be interrupted during reading. i think goals are a good way to keep people motivated, but personally i do not pay them much attention and having the option to avoid this gamification feature would be great.

(if there is a way to do this already please let me know)
many thanks!


Meanwhile these pop ups seem to have been moved to the middle of the screen - seems like ’ in your face’ ???

Presumably these pop ups have been ment to produce small doses of positive reinforcement/emotion (dopamin) for the learner. I guess this could work for some people.

For others (including me) these pop ups are an additional hurdle. They do create a slight negative emotion every time, instead of a positvie one. So far I haven not found a way to turn them off. It is also not obvious to me why we have to click on them every time to make them go away (In computer games they would often disappear automatically).

I don’t believe these negative effects (for part of the useres) have been intended by the LingQ Team. Therefore I suggest to the LingQ Team to put this on the list for future improvements (e.g. an option to turn the pop ups off).


At the moment it’s not possible to disable these popups. But we will see if that’s something we can allow in the upcoming updates.


thanks zoran! i am being hypercritical in this instance. besides that i really can’t fault the site at all :slight_smile:

Just want to add my support for this but also mention that this complaint comes up constantly on the forums but it is always brushed off. Modals are in general a ux anti-pattern and I’m surprised one would be used for this, and for so long.

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Thanks, please do! It is really distracting. I get these pop-ups that I am on fire multiple times during a lesson and it is really annoying.

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I would also like to be able to turn this off. It is super frustrating to have them pop up every day. It’s also not even good gamification because it disincentives you to hit your goal (or to 2x your goal) because you know get an annoying pop up when you do. Aren’t pop-ups on the internet that you have to X out of universally considered annoying? With audio, it’s even worse because you literally have to x out, stop, and go back in your audio.

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A short term solution to this problem could be to add a custom class to the goal popup so it can be blocked with a css add on like stylish. This was possible with the previous version of lingq, but in the new version it’s not possible to target the goal popup specifically.

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i managed to disable these pop ups with my adblocker, block element when it comes up. still, not ideal for those who are a bit less computer savvy.

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