Turn of pop ups

In the old version you could turn off the pop ups in the settings.
I don’t find this option in the new version.

You can’t turn them off. We’ll see if that’s something we can add as an option.

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I hope this is a feature soon. Until then there are a couple of options.

  1. Set your daily goals a lot higher so that it happens less. This could of course lose you your streak if you are unable to meet those goals consistently.

  2. Block the pop-up using some kind of browser extension. If you are on Chrome, I can show you how to do it since I do it for myself. I wrote a post about how to install the extension ‘Stylus’

With this you can install user styles that modify how the reader looks. I can show you how to do one that just hides this annoying pop-up if that is the only change you want to make.